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  Obedience Spiral £42.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 56 minutes
Category: Mind Control
Type: Full Induction
Released: 14 Jun 2023

My spiral of control over you is neverending, you might fall into the spiral in the belief that you can spiral back out at any time, but then it is so tempting to just spiral back down into the centre again. There is no escape from my Obedience Spiral.

Just my voice with some subliminals and backtracking, ends with brainwash loops.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Dear Goddess,

If anything, your latest file, Obedience Spiral, is the most effective - and most sexy - so far!

Please please please take me even further and faster down ;)"

  Distillation £35.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 30 minutes
Category: Mind Control
Type: Triggered Induction
Released: 27 Apr 2023

Dangerous and deliciously evil mind control and manipulation. But you crave it so much and so must listen.

Just my voice with subliminal back-tracking.

A little note from someone who listened already:


This is an absolutely powerful Audio, if you try to visualise what you listen you will get in another universe. And believe me this universe is the real one. At the end of the file, you will feel your brain as a sponge absorbing all backwards subliminal messages without be able to understand what comes inn. But you don't need to know, trust Goddess, She knows what is the best for your training."

"Dear Goddess Lady Lita.

I just listened to Distillation and wow, what can I say? An amazingly powerful and mind-melting recording that left my mind completely at your mercy. One of your absolute best inn my humble opinion."

  Temple £45.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 65 minutes
Category: Brainwashing
Type: Brainwash Loop
Released: 08 Feb 2023

Enter my Temple, come to worship... Nothing but brainwash loops that can be listened to on repeat all day and night. I am everything to you, I am your Goddess, your religion. You don't need anything or anyone else.

No music, just metronome rhythm and voice loops.

Warning: This is an extreme file, if you are scared of being controlled and brainwashed do not listen to this file.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I haven't stop listening, the first hours I listened with high sound volume to understand every single word, later I just reduced the volume on low level and then it was magically sent me to a deep trance, the pattern was more clear and some words has been more bold than others. I keep listening and feel confident this will be my last weekend that I'll have to think for myself."

"This audio is clear and dangerous for people who don't want to get brainwashed. But for me is the tool to serve my Goddess better."

  Latex Toy Commands £42.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 40 minutes
Category: Fetish
Type: Triggered Induction
Released: 07 Feb 2023

This file is designed to be listened to before the special weekly Latex Toy file, you will follow my commands to the T my toy, do exactly as I say and you might just get a reward at the end before listening to Latex Toy again and resetting your 7 day routine.

No music in this file, contains subliminals.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"This file makes a great addition to the weekly Latex Toy session, and a very welcomed one I might add. I am really enjoying following your instructions and being under your control at all times."

"Thank you Goddess for this amazing file."

  Booby Trap £45.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 60 minutes
Category: Fetish
Type: Full Induction
Released: 06 Jan 2023

A hypnotic breasts fetish session for my pets. I know you have always adored my large breasts, but did you ever expect to fall into my "Booby Trap"?

No music just my voice, some subliminals throughout and ends with some brainwash loops.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Goddess, Booby Trap is a masterpiece, it's what I've always wanted. I have always belonged to Lady Lita."

"I can't think, but if I could I couldn't think of a better place to be than in Your Booby Trap."


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