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Which order should I listen to your files inn? If any.  (For those who want to belong to Lady Lita, not feminization.) Divine Triggers is important, but really it is just the ones you feel most drawn to.
Another question would be about Your icon Lady Lita, did You design it? Does that symbol have a special meaning, and is there another story behind that also? The LLE logo is which I have designed myself. It is made up of 2 L's and an E with my eye inn the middle and I have placed a special hex on that logo, those who look at it will feel it's power.
What is the difference between a brainwashing and a regular hypnotic trance? I might be interested in a custom made recording and would like the proper information before making my decision. Brainwash files contain a hypnotic induction - then sometimes a script - erotic or otherwise and when someone is very deep I add brainwash sections like the one inn my yahoo group called brainwave. That is a sample from one of my brainwash sections.
How do I know what time the chats are inn my local time?
How do I get inn the chat room? To get into the LLE Ladies chat room - Login to the LLE Ladies Forum and click the chat room link.
Does Erotic Hypnosis involve you touching the subject in anyway? No (though you may believe I am touching you - but I am not)
Do MP3's play in Windows Media Player? Yes and most other file players on your computer.
Are there any subjects you won't do customs about? I won't do customs about scat, child abuse or animal sex.
I can't seem to get into trance, I have tried everything, what can I do? You won't know when you are inn trance so the worse thing to do is keep asking yourself if you are, there are different types of inductions that work better on different people, but what you have to remember is to forget why you are listening, just listen for the sake of listening, for enjoyment, the sooner you relax the sooner you will experience trance. It is not something to worry about, it is something to enjoy. You don't have to try, you don't have to do anything, you know the file isn't going to harm you inn anyway so just go with the flow. 
I lost the MP3 I downloaded from you last month, can I get it again? Please note that the payment is for one download only, if you later lose the file that isn't my fault and I can not keep setting up downloads for everyone who loses a file, so make sure you are careful with them. However if you want to replace a lost file I will do so If you send me a small tribute towards bandwidth and admin, 5 per recording please.

If you lost your file over a year ago this goes up to 10 per file. If over 2 years it goes up to 20. I only store a persons file for 1 year.

Can I get your MP3's as a CD through the post?  Yes you can, read here what it says on my payment info page: Please note when you pay for an MP3 this is a downloadable file NOT a CD, I will not send out CD's as this is extra work and hassle for me, keeping me from my other work on the site. If however the only way you have of getting these files is on CD I will make an exception if you tribute me 4 on top of the normal price. 
Do you have recorded instances of figure changes after complete Feminization   Yes I do, I get constant emails regarding this. To help me please post them to the group. thanks 
Goddess as lovely as your voice is on the Bella Donna recordings are there subliminals as well on the recordings that I don't hear?  Yes 
When I first was accepted into this group, and of course even before on Lady Lita's websites I noticed that whenever someone uses the word "in" everyone spells it "inn". Is there a story behind this practice? Those who listen to my 'Addiction Spiral' have learnt a special way to show others they are 'inn my control'.
How will I get my file?  DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS
May we see in the group emails of those who have had successful figure changes, resulting your feminization hypnosis please?  It is up to the person to post here. I don't force them to post, they email me with the info but I won't disclose these private emails, though some quotes are by the side of the files. 
How come some suggestions work while others don't or work to a much lesser extent??  I do pack lots of information into each file. Some of you can't take everything inn on one go.  Through repeated listening will help make sure everything goes inn. The mind needs to hear something 3 times before remembering it. 
How long does it take to get a custom MP3 made by you?   From 4 - 8 months depending how many are already inn the queue. The sooner you make the payment the sooner you get inn the queue, my customs are very popular because of quality and satisfied customers.  
I am looking for true feminization not fantasy, will your series do it?   Yes, Bella Donna series is for exactly that. 
I often fall asleep when listening to the recordings. Will they still do any good. How can i stop myself from falling asleep???  Do you wake up when I count out? if you do then you were not asleep, you where simply inn a very deep trance. If you sleep through the count out then you have relaxed so much you have entered sleep level, the suggestions will still be working even when you sleep. If you are constantly falling into a very deep sleep when you listen try listening inn the middle of the afternoon and sit rather than lay down. 
You have so many payment options, why is this? Some already have an account with a merchant that has changed its terms of usage, and some merchants can now only take payments from those who are already members. I decided to still give those options to those who already have an account with those merchants. But of course wanted to find easier solutions for those who don't have accounts anywhere. With all the options I have now there is a quick easy way to pay for everyone. For more information see here:


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