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  Strap-On Bitch 2 £39.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 62 minutes
Category: Humiliation
Type: Full Induction Plus Brainwash
Released: 24 Aug 2006

By popular demand this file is a specially extended version of the first Strap-On Bitch recording. It now includes a long brainwashing section with extra subliminals. Be warned, you may have a very sore hole after listening to the extended strap-on section, heehe.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Thank you Lady Lita. I love being abused and used by you and Strap-on Bitch was my favourite. I now have a new favourite, Strap-on Bitch 2. The brainwashing, the torture, your control, your amazing voice that makes it all so real. I don't know how you make these recordings, the mingling of sounds that stir my emotions. Your voice controlling at times, gentle and soft at others, perfect just perfect Goddess. No one could ever match your skill, talent, beauty and hypnotic voice. I am yours and always will be."

The first chance I had to listen to this was today.
I dress up in my pink panties, black corselette, seamed black stockings, false breasts, red silk blouse, black pencil skirt, black 5" high heels, black shoulder length leather gloves, brunette wig, red lip stick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascera, necklace, earings. I put a 6" dildo in my but and laid down on the bed. The next thing I know ist that I'm squiring around on the bed with you fucking me and sucking on a black dildo that I don't remember getting. This happened everytime that I listen to it. I don't cum, but I need to so bad. I need to listen to it again.

All I can say is that you own me now Goddess. I will do whatever you say. I am totally yours. Thank you!

Please make me do your bidding! I can't help myself.

Your Slave,
Linda Highheels."

"Oh Goddess Lady Lita

I am in such a daze right now, I don't know how to think or what to say. I know this, I am yours forever, only yours, I loved you being inside me making me yours. I am your little bitch , i luv being your little bitch, only to serve you. I am thankful that you give so much pleasure. I can not think beyond that right now, I may need a while to get over that recording, I love you goddess Lady Lita.


  Strap-On Bitch £28.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 18 minutes
Category: Humiliation
Type: Full Induction
Released: 13 Jan 2004

My sweet innocent voice takes you down into a lovely relaxing trance. Once there, you will meet me inn a place you won't forget, I make you into my strap-on bitch, humiliate you into being a pansy boy and taking my big phallus into your mouth. But wait that isn't enough, more humiliation follows as I take control over your whole body and fill your hole with some special drugged liquid that will make sure you are addicted to me and my control forever. Subliminals and brainwaves also feature inn this high quality stereo recording. This is not for the easily offended, and not for those that don't want to be violated inn this way, it will seem very real.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Following the effect that the Belladonna series has had on me, I fantasised daily about sucking a dildo, but after listening to Strap-on bitch I know exactly what it's like to be forced to suck for what seems like a life-time of ecstasy, with Goddess's wonderful voice coming from all directions seducing me and increasing the arousal. I want to tell everyone about the ending but don't want to spoil any surprises. Before listening I wonder how lady Lita will bring me to the place and situation that Her MP3 descriptions suggest, but as always, the instant relaxation and trance lead me down a seamless path to my wonderful destiny, to where i belong and to where Goddess wants me, serving Her so willingly and accepting all that She preaches. This latest addition to my MP3 collection has educated me once again inn my servitude and increased my sexual boundaries beyond my dreams. Thank You Lady Lita for bringing us so much bliss. Your obedient satin slave."

  Arse Licker Slave £28.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 32 minutes
Category: Humiliation
Type: Full Induction Plus Brainwash
Released: 05 Feb 2004

Brought to your knees and forced to obey me. You are told to get into the boot of my car, a drugged piece of silk is put over your face, you can do nothing other than relax as music and subliminals are played into the boot of the car. When we arrive at our destination I have a special chore for you, you must please your Goddess and be a good little bitch boy and lick and kiss my arse. Brainwash sections, subliminals and brainwaves all feature inn the recording. When the journey has ended you will be my obedient arse licker slave and you will crave some of my lacy thongs to sniff.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I've been licking Lady Lita's arse most of the night whilst listening to Her latest induction, yet another gorgeous induction and yet another level of entrancing."


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