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  The Secret Garden £55.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 45 minutes
Category: Erotic
Type: Full Induction
Released: 01 Jul 2024

Step into my magick portal and be transported to my secret garden. All you have to do is put on your headphones and watch the screen.

Contains sound effects and music in some parts. Has a brainwash loop at the end.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I have finally found some quiet time to watch it and the look and feel of it is amazing – The quality of the video effects, the setting and the callback to your clones from “Duplicate Desires” are wonderful."

  Goddess Program Trancer £42.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 62 minutes
Category: Brainwashing
Type: Brainwash Loop
Released: 15 Jun 2024

This is a trance looper designed to either fit in with your Goddess Program files or can be used alone. Trance music, brainwash loops and subliminals program you in a hypnotic swirl.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I am enjoying this addiction to my playlist."

  Goddess Program £43.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 20 minutes
Category: Brainwashing
Type: Triggered Induction
Released: 14 Apr 2024

The Goddess Program is a set of recordings plus a video animation. The idea is to put them in a playlist and loop the main file for as long as you want to and use the release file or the wake-up file at any point you set in your playlist. As you listen you watch the video and let the programming begin. You can also watch any other animation of me from inside the Shrine Rooms while listening.

Just my voice in various loops, no music.

Files in the pack:

Goddess Program.mp4

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Goddess, The Program is perfect. It's the exact type of file I've always yearned to experience. It's made infinitely more wonderful because it comes from you, The One True Goddess, Lady Lita.
I don't know how many times I let the loop file play, but I keep hearing it in my head. Right from the Intro, I was immediately hooked and couldn't imagine turning the file off. To be deprived of this experience would have been torture. Having the chance to drop so deeply under your power is truly wonderful, Goddess. Thank you for this beautiful experience."

  Bella Donna Finishing School £42.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 60 minutes
Category: Feminization
Type: Full Induction
Released: 31 Mar 2024

My Bella Donna girls have been waiting for too long to enter the finishing school they were promised long ago. Goddess is finally able to spend the time training you in deportment and all manner of things to make you even more feminine than before. Step inside and your training will commence.

Has background music and a brainwash section.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Oh my Lady Lita, I finally had time to listen to your finishing school file and it was a masterpiece! It felt like a true passion project and so appropriate for us Bella Donnas. The layout and your wording/ commands were so perfect. Your tone forceful yet compelling. This training feels so effective and addictive, that I’ll be a proper lady in no time. You are so talented, I have no idea how you weaved this together so quickly. I know I must go now and perfect my deportment lessons for you Goddess. I look forward to our future lessons as it seems my future will be filled with feminine pursuits."

  Bewilderment £45.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 70 minutes
Category: Brainwashing
Type: Brainwash Loop
Released: 22 Mar 2024

Don't listen to this file, trying to listen will only cause confusion. Simply put on your headphones, set it playing and relax, the audio will do the rest.

Just my voice, various loops coming at you from all directions.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"After almost 12 full hours listening to Bewilderment, Goddess's laugh is definitely emblazoned in my mind as one of the most beautiful sounds in this or any world.

Beginning a new session of listening to Bewilderment, Goddess, because I had to stop to let my headphones recharge.
I'm using a wireless noise cancelling set to keep from needing to take them off when I need to get water or anything else.

I want to go another 12 hours, but I'll most likely fall asleep before then without realizing. Which could prove very intersting.

I'd love to experience the same kind of dreams I had before, where I kept waking up hearing your voice in from my headphones and taking them off, only to realize I could still hear your voice, Goddess. I would suddenly wake up again, still with the headphones on, and take them off again, and the entire scenario would repeat for what felt like days as I kept hearing you no matter how many times I woke up and took the headphones off. And then I finally woke up because my cat jumped on my stomach and shocked me awake, and I took the headphones off and realized I'd been dreaming that entire time before, because the sound finally faded. I loved it all so much, and I truly thank you, Goddess Lady Lita, for making beautiful files that were able to give me such a wonderful experience."


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