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  Classics Video £85.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 47 minutes
Category: Mind Control
Type: Triggered Induction
Released: 18 Apr 2021

So many of you have told me how much you have missed my videos from the past, well now you can see them once more. Old classics like the hot tub clips and who could forget that lacy red bra! Some never before seen clips and some unedited footage that was used to create videos and images from. Watch now Sweetie and remember that you have always belonged to me.

Please don't complain about some of the clips being grainy, we didn't have HD back then.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Dearest Lady Lita, Thank you for the extraordinary ‘double whammy’ of files over the last few days. “Only You” is an amazingly powerful file, starting so subtly and then building to a powerful reminder of the power you wield over your subjects, it felt like you were in the room with me from beginning to end! Then your classics video came out and certainly reinforced the images and orders you had just given in “Only You”!"

"So good to see these again after so long, I missed them, you are indeed the most beautiful alluring woman who ever walked the Earth Goddess. I will worship you forever."

  Hypno Crystal £19.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 5 minutes
Released: 05 Mar 2003

Sit back, relax as Lady Lita hypnotises you with her powerful beautiful crystal, and sensual voice. More for erotic value than an induction.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"No one has ever done anything like this before, your beautiful face and the swinging crystal so hypnotically sensual, thank you for bringing us so many wonderful hypnotic treasures."

  Poisoned Chalice £64.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 17.6 minutes
Type: Full Induction
Released: 10 Apr 2003

As you stare at my crystal and begin to feel more sleepy I offer you a drink, a special drink, a drink of the Gods. As I put a drop in your drink from my poisoned pendant that will make you feel so good, and woozy, then SLEEP and fall deeper for me as I program 4 triggers into you as you feel so submissive and obey every word I say. The end of this video will certainly be a large climax.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I just bought this item last week. It's the most expensive mail order item currently available at Lady Lita's site - the question is, is it worth the money? In a word, yes. It's more than seventeen minutes long, contains a full induction and builds to a very satisfying conclusion. It has all the ingredients that aficionados have come to expect from Lady Lita - it's inventive, compelling and superbly delivered (her private-school-polished English accent is very much to the fore in this production). Lady Lita looks stunning and seductive as always. What makes this VCD truly outstanding even in comparison to Lady Lita's previous excellent work is the sense of intimacy and involvement created by her irresistible presence and the ingenious use of the titular Chalice. This last touch is characteristic of the imagination that Lady Lita brings to her art and which really sets her apart.
Those who are already followers of the Luscious Lady will be delighted by this offering; those just discovering her remarkable talent will surely find it to be the start of a delicious addiction."

  Suspended £64.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 20 minutes
Type: Full Induction
Released: 25 May 2010

Watch my shiny crystal and don't get distracted by any other images that might come to mind, stop thinking about those images and just try your best to focus on my crystal sweetie. Try to avoid being distracted and just listen to my voice as I play with your mind. Find your self suspended in time when you see my suspenders. When you let go completely, and finally give inn to me you will feel so weak, helpless and completely drained.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Salve Goddess,

I'm still on cloud 9 having watched the video countless times. Knowing that you were going to incorporate all the things i love about you, it still came as a great surprise and a fantastic one at that.

Each of your devoted followers must have a particular thing that they like about you the most. I have always been an admirer of curvy ladies. When you have such a beautiful face as yours, Goddess, it is hard to want for anything else but i adore your full figure and to see you inn stockings and suspenders whilst listening to the tingling, goosebump - inducing sound of your voice with subliminals and mind control was sheer heaven.

To have something so personal only brings you closer to me. I'm sure i'd love for you to do something for me again, Goddess permitting.

You will never be far from my thoughts. Much love and best wishes,

Paul - muuuaahhh"

  The Square £45.95 Buy Now  
Format: Video
Duration: 7.38 minutes
Released: 21 Jun 2003

Relaxed by my hypnotic smoke then stare into my eyes the camera zooms into my face, erotic subliminals flash up as you stare into my eyes, taken deeper by my hypnotic crystal then totally entranced as you watch me oil up my breasts, leaving you totally obsessed with me as the smoothing music and subliminals sink into your mind as the erotic images distract you. An extremely sensual experience.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Oh Goddess this is soooo amazing, oh boy, I can't stop watching it over and over, it is so sexy, I love the effects you have used, and those cheeky subliminals ;)

If anyone was wondering if they should or not, do, it is yummy. Thanks Goddess Lady Lita for this erotic wonderful experience."


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