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  Mind Candy £25.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 24 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Triggered
Released: 21 Feb 2018

This file is made up completely of my whispers, nothing more. The whispers are layered in such a way that it will lead to total relaxation and tingles of pure pleasure. It is important to wear headphones to get the full effect. An ASMR style relaxation and deep sleep recording that will induce a very tranquil feeling and sleep. The file is a loop and so can be listened to for as long as you want, leaving it on as you drift away into a deep sleep. Embedded triggers will enhance the experience. This file is especially good for those of you who have trouble relaxing and sleeping.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"The file name doesn't do it justice, more than candy it is like a hundred angels carrassing my mind as I drift away to sleep. I have been listening to it every night since I got it as I fall asleep, it is more delicious than candy, it is like a luxury truffle that is very tempting and once you have tasted it, you need more."

"Dear Goddess, your humble pet is not often lost for words, but your pet has been drifting in a dreamland since first listening to your recent offering. When I go to bed listening, I know I am going to fall into a deep sleep very quickly and wake up ready for the day, but in a happy dreamy mood. I love it. Thank you so much for yet again finding news ways to take me deeper. All my love and devotion, H x"

"Oh Goddess, the tingles of pleasure your voice brings me, it is amazing having you there with me as I drift away to sleep each night, so comforting, your angelic voice calms me after a hard day at work. I love you Goddess."

  Chakra Balancing Meditation £15.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 47 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Guided Meditation
Released: 02 Feb 2011

This is a special guided meditation to balance your chakras, which are the energy centres in your body. When your chakras aren't balanced or open, this leads to health and emotional problems.

Sit back and relax, listen to the soothing sounds and be healed in mind, body and spirit.

Once your chakras are balanced this file puts you into a deep relaxed meditation and then leaves you to listen to the soothing sounds as you relax deeper. You will wake from the meditation when you are ready.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"This is great Goddess. I feel really good after listening. I think i am going to have to make time to listening to this every morning."

"Dear Lady Lita,

I have listened to many chakra meditations over the years and this one is very special. Congratulations. I find it in a way pure. No esoteric belief system included. I specially like the use of imagining scents and the part where I smell lavender and Cinnamon at the same time. Of course I cannot forget, who created this mp3. So for me it has an erotic overtone, too. And there are two points, where You breathe audibly in a way, that I find quite erotic. Sometimes while listening I have kind of visions of You. Pictures of You and fantasies come up. But interestingly though i get an erection throughout, in the end, I am just completely calm and lose that erotic arousal completely and feel simply and purely cleansed and balanced. At peace.
It is a truely beautiful script and recording. I'd like more of that kind.

All the best."

  Relaxing Meditation £0 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 13 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Meditation
Released: 03 Nov 2006

This is a guided meditation, which discovers hidden parts of your personality, things that you may not even know about yourself. After listening if you want your experience analysing just post what happened to you inn my yahoo group. This file contains no mind control or erotic hypnosis. It is for my pets to discover new things about themselves which will allow them to become better pets.
This file is currently only available to members of my Shrine Rooms.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Dear Goddess,
I just listened to your MP3 called Relaxing meditation, and here are my notes for you to analyze. (removed for my pets privacy) When I got back into the room and sat back down in my body, I was very relaxed, and did not want to wake up.
Thank you for the journey, I love you.

  Subliminally Mine £19.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 25 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Subliminal
Released: 23 Oct 2003

Subliminals. Beautiful music and sounds of the ocean and other relaxing sounds send you into a sensual relaxed state with my voice subliminally hidden in the background taking you deeper into my control. This beautiful relaxing recording can be listened to at any time, as you are working or just relaxing, letting my subliminals slip deep into your mind, a very addictive relaxing feeling will come over you and you will want to play it all day and night. I have been asked to produce something like this often, well here it is, for your total pleasure :o)

A little note from someone who listened already:

"Lady Lita, this is really beautiful. It's full of rich texture, like an enchanting tapestry with the sounds of a natural paradise woven together with soothing melody, making my mind so receptive to Your soft voice. I don't know what thoughts You have placed into my subconscious, but I've been lost inn it for an hour now and I'm feeling so good. I know I'm going to play this so much, I'm finding I can turn the volume up and close my eyes and go deep with it, or just let it play quietly inn the background and let it be a lovely calming backdrop to whatever else I'm doing. Thank You, I am Yours forever."

  Relaxed 2 Serve £19.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 23 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Full Induction
Released: 07 Nov 2003

Remembering your childhood, and a sleepy relaxing bedtime, where you felt safe and warm, sinking into your warm bed, falling deeper and deeper into a wonderful relaxed sleepy state, dreaming about my lovely crystal swinging gently in front of your eyes and falling even deeper into my control, special instructions are then given to you to help you stay aroused and addicted inn my control forever. This is a favourite of the ones that have appeared inn the members area.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"After listening to Relaxed 2 Serve I now know I am here to serve you and only you, it is so wonderful and relaxing, I listen to over and over, I feel so submissive like a child when I listen, warm and safe in your loving erotic control, thank you Goddess."

  Enchanting Forest £15.95 Buy Now  
Format: Audio
Duration: 21 minutes
Category: Relaxation
Type: Full Induction
Released: 08 Apr 2003

Finding yourself walking through a beautiful carpet of Bluebells in an enchanting forest being gently guided by my soft sensual voice, you find a wizards house and he invites you in and gives you a drink from a metal goblet, when you have drunk it you feel wonderful, then he shows you a magic crystal with 'Lady Lita' appearing faintly in there, the wizard enlightens you to the power of 'Lady Lita'.

A little note from someone who listened already:

"I bought this MP3 a little while ago, but put it to one side until I was in the right frame of mind and had sufficient time to relax properly and fully appreciate it. Well, I just finished listening to it and I have to congratulate you, Goddess, on a really exceptional piece of work. The narrative is a delight, the soundscape beautifully realised and your honey-sweet voice a magical, soothing caress for mind and spirit. Thank you for creating such a beautiful thing for us to enjoy."


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